Benjamin D.
I was lucky enough to stumble across this at the Whole Foods in Orlando. Using it in bok choy skillet supper was an experiment, and it worked out deliciously. This dish is three times better with this hot splash olive oil. I recommend to anyone who likes flavor with spice.
 Dorit - Author of several Raw Food books and organizer of Green Lifestyle Film Festival
Miriam Vigoa has created a masterpiece!! As a vegan, living foods chef, I am very particular as to the oils I use for my top of the line clients in Los Angeles and when teaching workshops. For me to endorse a product, it must not only stand out in nurtitional value, taste and presentation, but it must also leave the least carbon footprint on Planet Earth while restoring our health and healing on a long term basis. Not only do these oils fit this bill but it ends up being economical and very convenien,t as the herbs and spices are a lready blended in, which makes it an outstanding contribution to gourmet meals.
 Selina - CEO / President of Selina Naturally™, the home of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand
“I am extremely appreciative to Miriam for creating the most healthful and delicious salad dressings I have ever wanted to carry in my product line. I have wanted to develop my own dressings for some time now, and God has heard my request through Miriam and her passion to use only the best ingredients.

Where else can you find a salad dressing that doesn't use canola oil? Now you can complement all your dishes with these marvelous flavors.

My Celtic Sea Salt® Brand sea salt is not something all creators of products want to invest in. The ones that do should be applauded for their pursuit of excellence. Miriam, this “Creator of Flavors,” does not compromise on the ingredients she selects for her creations. You are not only adding flavors when you use Vigoa dressings, you are adding nutrients. Enjoy them and be well.”
 Sallie L.
OMG!!!! This is the tastiest dipping oil. I cook with it on practically everything. I am on an eat healthy, small portions diet and the EVOO is so good for me. Everything that I use this on is kicked up 5 notches at least. It makes my portions so satisfying. Glad to have met you at the Venice Airport Art Festival.
 Beth - Alabama
I was recently visiting my son and daughter-in-law in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. I noticed a bottle of Vigoa Herb & Garlic on the shelf and thought it looked delicious. My daughter-in-law told me to take it back home with me to Alabama. Wow! My first experience was when I used it for a "dip" with toasted whole grain bread. I can't seem to get enough! I have recently started to take my diet seriously, and it's a great way to get flavor and still eat healthy.

Last night I baked Salmon on a popular little kitchen grill. I dipped my Salmon in the Vigoa to cook, and then added just a touch to the fish after I placed it on my plate. I could have eaten much more than I intended! The flavors are just right, and the olive oil is a very healthy choice over other oils. So, Finally, I remembered to visit your website. I have to say I was even impressed with the information and simplicity. But, the reason I'm really writing is because of "the store". I would love to know more about how I can help get this product out to more people. It would probably be a slow process.I would also be interested in any other products you have available as well.

Thanks for your time..and a great product!!
 Phyllis M. - South Florida
I met you at the South Florida Fair Grounds over a month ago. I purchased a bottle of your "out of this world" herbed oil. Being Italian, I love to cook and experiment with different foods, spices and flavors.
I must tell you, the oil enhances everything I use it in. Sometimes I blend it with my own EVOO. I use it on almost everything!

You said you would share a recipe if I emailed you, so if you please, I know it has to be wonderful and eagerly anticipate receiving it. I will be purchasing more oil. (sorry I didn't buy two bottles that day). It has become a necessary staple in my kitchen.

Best regards.

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What is "The Splash?"
Two Hundred years ago in the Canary Islands, Miriam Vigoa’s Great-Grandmother created the Original Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil recipe.
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Kristi Linebaugh and Miriam Vigoa have used the Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil, “The Splash” at their restaurant Cafe Latte for the past 15 years (Cafe Latte is the Oldest Coffee House and Eatery in Polk County).
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The Canary Island Garlic and Herb Olive Oil (Splash), is so versatile it is sold in Gourmet Shops, Fine Wine Stores, Health Food Stores, Healthy Cafes and is perfect for the person on a restricted diet.
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