Hi, Guys OMG  - Oh My God!!!!... That\'s all I can say since I purchased my Splash.  The first night after the craft show on the way home I bought some French Bread to try the splash with my son. And as stated above OMG.... we almost finished the bottle.  The flavor of the Hot is so awesome.... the after kick is one of the best parts besides the seasonings and flavor.  It\'s an experience an Oil you should try if you love Heat and Flavor....Thank you guys and Continued Success. 

P.S. See you in Plant City
I found you at a festival in Tarpon Springs. I love your Lime Splash!! I got a bottle and used it up. I am not a fan of salad dressing, I have at least a have a dozen different kinds of dressing in the refrigerator and I only use the Splash on my salads! I eat it every day. It\'s great on salad, fish or veggies! It's delicious! When I ran out I found you again at a show in Dunedin and while stocking up I tried the garlic one, and love that too. I start getting a little nervous when it gets low!!! It's not just delicious, it\'s also very good for you.

Thank you so much for your great product!
Hi ladies, will definitely try that....also, have you ever tried rubbing your steak or chicken with splash and then add your favorite spices.........there's just no end.

Thank you so much!
 Cheryl Moran
I don't have a special recipe, cause I just LOVE my splash with bread. Any kind of bread. If I could, I would bathe in it. YUM!!!!!!

 Beth S.
I was so lucky to buy your wonderful bottle of Vigoa Herb & Garlic. I put it on everything. I love putting it on my tomatoes with some shredded cheese. We then put the tomatoes on the french bread. We love it and then we dip our French bread into what is left. Thank you. I only wish I could find it locally, here in Delray Beach.

 Susan Broccolo
I really enjoy the emails.  In fact, because of your updates, I sent my sister, who lives in Florida, to the St Armands Circle Craft Fair you attended, specifically to see you. She was wowed by your products, and purchased some Splash for both her and me! Just last weekend I picked some zucchini and yellow squash from the garden. I julienned them and then sautéed it quickly in some Hot Island Splash and just a little salt. Needless to say, it was Wonderful!!! 

So simple, and yet sooo flavorful! Of course your quick tortilla pizzas have become a staple within my circle of family and friends! Thanks, and keep those recipes coming!

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