Paige Munday - Melbourne Beach, Florida
Just got of the phone with Miriam and was telling her how much I love the SPLASH. She was asking me what all I did with it. Well, I can't say. I do a little here and there and think Hmmmm a little Lime would be good with the regular SPLASH and then I think a dash of the HOT will just finish it off. So I told her what I really do is add a little SPLASH HERE AND A LITTLE THERE and bingo I have a good dish and wish after all that I had pen and paper to write down. What I do for the next time or to send it to Miriam if it is really something diff. I honestly use it for everything. I can't be without it. Please everyone Splash away you will love it.
 Charlene D.
LOVE the Splash I purchased at the W. Palm Beach Arts & Crafts Show.

Last night I "splashed" a cut up bunch of broccoli, oven roasted at 425 degrees for 15 min., tossed and roasted another 5 min. Seasoned with salt and pepper and ate the entire thing!! Delish! Also love my scrambled eggs cooked in it.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure speaking with you.
Hi Miriam,
Thank you so much for your response. I will pick up the "Splash" this week. I will let you know what we think about your "Rainy Day Chicken Soup", too. (This sounds like it could put my Mom's, Yiddish Chicken Soup w/Matzo balls on the back burner for awhile) And, please do send me your Bruschetta recipe. I did sign up for your recipes to be emailed to me too. I am soooooo looking forward to trying some.

Thanks again
 J.J. aka Joan
I do send on some of your recipes. But for myself..i do not cook much. I buy your dash of splash as gifts. Last time the gal i gave it to served it for dinner to dip the bread in. Everyone liked it, she also brushed it over the chicken she cooked on the BBQ it was yummy!!

Thanks for inventing it. Bye for now. JJ aka joan

 Joan Shannon
I have a Pampered Chef stoneware baking pan and we brush your olive oil on pork chops and bonless chicken breasts, It makes a real good low fat dish.

The splash is wonderful. I use it to marinade various veggies and meat and seafood. Also for dipping and the usual things like that. But Best of all It is great for the Weight Watcher person. You get your seasoning and proper olive oil. Actually it is great for any kind of dieter. It makes salads and Veggies go to a whole new level. I have found when in doubt I can't go wrong using the splash.
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